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It's helpful to know what's been said.

This page contains links to the latest bulletins, sermons, and previous classes offered at Christ Church so you can keep up with Sunday readings, announcements, listen to the sermon or courses you missed – or want to hear again – and the current news of the Parish.

Bulletins & Sermons


Current & Past classes

  • Confirmation class (Fall 2023)

  • Learning to Listen to God Together (Spring 2023)

  • Reading the Bible for Understanding and Transformation (Fall 2021).

    • Session 1. audio. handout. Humble Eagerness, Technical Efficiencies.

    • Session 2. audio. handout. God speaks ... to you personally, Moralistic Therapeutic Deism.

    • Session 3. audio. handout. God speaks ... to us collectively, Rugged Individualism.

    • Session 4. audio. handout. Total Wisdom, Dualism & Secularism.

  • Self-Examination, Confession and Repentance: audio1 & 2, outlinerite (Spring 2021)

Use the following link to more sermons preached at Christ Church. The link takes you to Father Brian's Google drive where you can listen to whatever you'd like. The copyrighted material is for your personal edification and spiritual benefit. May God use it for your good!

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