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The Shape of Christian Identity

A Fall Formation course on
September 20 & 27, October 4, 18 & 25
and November 1, 2019
Friday nights 6-8 pm

There are so many ways to identify ourselves in this world; it seems to be the highest and greatest expression of the self. But, what does it mean to identify oneself as a Christian? This course will introduce 7 people from the Bible and from Chruch history along with highlighting how they answered that question in their own lives.

Recordings and handouts from each class are available below as the classes are offered

Recordings & Handouts:

  • September 20: Abraham: Faith, identifying with the way of Jesus. audio & outline.

  • September 27: Ambrose: Baptism, identifying with the sacramental life of Jesus. audio & outline

  • October 2: Bernard: Love, identifying with the heart of Jesus: audio & outline.

  • October 18: Teresa of Avila: Intimacy, identifying with Jesus as a friend: audio & outline.

  • October 25: Peter and Paul: Martyrdom, identifying with cross of Jesus: audio & outline.

  • November 1: Gregory of Nyssa: The beatific vision, identifying with the glory of Jesus: audio and outline.

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