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What in the World is God doing?

A course on mission
Friday nights from 6-8 pm
from February 23-March 23, 2018

Christ Church hosted a class on mission each Friday during the season of Lent in 2018. Father Brian gave the introduction.

Recordings and text

  • February 23. Father Brian gives the introduction to the course. handout & part 1, the Gospel in Chairs, part 2

  • March 2. The evening was cancelled due to bad weather and an electrical outage.

  • March 9. Ryan and Shahla Patrylo speaking about their opportunities for mission in Ryan's work as Chick-fil-A owner operator. talk & an alternate presentation of the gospel on a rope.

  • March 16. Dr. Jack Gabig and Dr. Leslie Thyberg spoke on the place that mission can play in the life of the family. talk, Father Jack's powerpoint presentation, Dr. Leslie's powerpoint presentation and handout.

  • March 23. Zack McDonough speaks on Zack McDonough on the mission trip Christ Church is planning to take July 22-28 to partner with Good Neighbors in Kentucky and how his call to mission was developed. Father Brian wrapped up the class. talk.

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